My Response to Escort Live!

Today, The Escort forum Moderator posted this, in response to the questions he was asked about the circumstances surrounding my being banned from the site:

He was banned because he went about this in the absolute worst way.

For starters, Escort Live is free. You only need a subscription to unlock all of it’s cloud based features. Everyone seems to forget that

If he was sincere with his actions (and he stated that he knew they were questionable), then why not ask me first before posting? I could have directed him to the proper channel/etiquette. Others posting questionable material (eg petitions) have asked me first. I am tasked with supporting Escort Live from a customer service perspective, nobody wants it to work perfectly for everyone more than me. I certainly would have helped him if he knew how to solve some of the current issues.

Here’s what doesn’t add up. Anyone with any programming experience knows that you cannot 100% decompile an application. It isn’t possible. If you could then the software industry would be entirely different than it is. Of course he wasn’t seeing comments, he wasn’t seeing a lot of other things too.

There were other things that didn’t make sense in the post so I gave him the same notice about being banned that he gave me with his post, none. In my personal opinion I think he was trolling for his website. He even mentioned SEOing it…

Originally Posted by txbearsfan81 View Post
I challenge him to fix this app before Escort does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So do I. If it was so easy to fix and the errors so noticeable, as was claimed, then why not fix it and then post the fixed app? There is no better way to prove your side than that.

He did screw things up for others that may need the APK file in the future though (ie Android tablet users). I doubt if we will ever post it here again.

You can find the Full thread here:

My response is this: How much notice did your customers get when they invested in your product(s) [radar detector, purchasing of the smart chord, returning it, paying more for a direct wire version, paying up front for a yearly subscription] only to find out that the product isn’t fully functional AFTER they had already purchased all of the requirements?

No body said the app wasn’t free, I certainly didn’t. But when “Unlocking Cloud Based Features” becomes a phrase used to distract from the real issue of a “$500 + Dollar investment that was touted as being the Latest and Greatest, yet has a massive amounts of bugs on the android platform that we’re unable to fix”… well, then we have a clear departure from the original intent of my original posts.

My goal is NOT to interrupt Escort’s revenue stream. My goal is to simply get it to work. By the actions of Escort (Banning me for being outraged at the app structure after decompiling, Providing Updates once every 6 months that add pretty little intro videos, yet make the overall function of the app worse, etc…) It’s clear that Escort’s Goals are more interested in Revenue, and have pretty much all but abandoned the android users stuck with poorly constructed application, in order to concentrate on the revenue stream coming in from Apple.

Look, Escort is a Business, I get that. Incorporating a Value Add to the business model which allows for a steady stream of revenue is essential to growth. What I don’t get is: Why so afraid of Open Source Platform?

If the company’s Android developers are incapable of:
A: Making a fully functioning application for their SUBSCRIBING users
B: Following a proper life cycle and UAT procedures for updates
C: Taking 6 months to release an update without managing to actually degrade the functionality of the app:

Then why NOT let the Open source community assist your company? To think that I actually complimented your professionalism in my original post, when dealing with RIGHTFULLY outraged android customers; only to have you ban me for raising the issues with the sloppiness of the Company’s Android Code (I reached that assessment by not only decompiling EL, (Trust me, this isn’t the first .apk I’ve decompiled).

Your reasoning is that you wanted me to go to you first? Why? I’m not the only paying customer that has purchased your products. It’s not a matter of being ethically questionable, what was questionable was how you would react to it. You have an open forum, and an open source application… yet I’m the bad guy for being “open” with the community for the benefit of it? What are you? King of Escort Live and our subscription fee’s are merely a tax for the privilege of using your application? The way you treated me in this situation, you’d think I was scraping mugshots off of the internet and charging people to remove them. 😉

And now you resort to Insults by calling me a troll, when you came to me for help via PM numerous times asking for my input, which I honestly gave? You know that I’m a developer for a Major Silicon Valley Tech Company. You know I’m qualified to give this type of input.

If that’s the real reason why I was banned then you need to take a class on public relations. You basically wanted me to keep the issues “secret”. I even went along with it and allowed your devs to come out with the Updates 2.05, 2.06, and 2.07 yet they STILL failed to resolve the numerous issues.

Enough is Enough! I should ban you from MY Blog for acting like a child.

I’ve uploaded the the 2.04 .apk to mega upload, I’m creating a Github this weekend, and I’ve already enlisted about 5 developers who are going to make a project out of Fixing this application. We’ve discussed it, and Honestly, the best approach IS to start over, and just Oauth your Jsons to work with a brand new interface like… hmmmm… google maps. Why you guys aren’t just RESTing and POSTing as an overlay to their .API is beyond me… but whatever… i’m sure you have a deal with whatever GPS provider you’re using in order to maximize your revenue.

We’re not motivated by Revenue, we’re not motivated by revenge, we’re motivated by making things work, and DESPITE your childish behavior, I’m not going to mess with your authentication model through (might wanna secure that with an ssl cert btw)

As I said. I’ve communicated with you privately on multiple occasions, and things still aren’t fixed. My post was perfectly appropriate, and instead of discussing the logical flaws with the programming with the community, you just ban me and play some political games to make me look like a troll.

Fine. Have it your way.

I don’t doubt your dedication… Just your judgement. We’re on the same side when it comes to our intentions about protecting people, be it from unfair speed traps on your side, or be it me exposing myself in trying to stop the practice of online mugshot websites extorting people. We just have a clearly different view on how properly run a development department within a company.


One thought on “My Response to Escort Live!

  1. pcabibi says:

    Ahhhh that guy Getting Progress posted my response before I added the “King” line. Stop being so fast!!! It’s a great line!!!

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