Another Escort Live Update, still no GPS Fix for motorola phones

It’s not really Escort’s Fault.. it’s who they contracted the work out to… Mutual Mobility. (Shouldn’t name your files after your company and then link me with about 4 hits from your company on linked in)

The issue with The GPS Stack in the com/escort/androidui//gps directory.

Inparticularly, the GPS Manager, the InvalidateReciever, and the LocationReciever Files.

You See, there is an onReceive Method called from the Dalvik-Cache in both files. Only difference is… Our motorola phones return the value of 5 in the source for the .locals variable, which then calls the GPSManager File and in turn never allows “–” which they’ve set as a constant string in the destination register, to be over-written by the Posted Speed Limit Value. I went into the Escort.db40 file and noticed that I keep getting 5’s all over the place.

In the LocationReciever Source, The same OnReceive Method is called from the Dalvik-Cache– only this time, it sets the .local variable to 4, which inturn allows the application to set the content and intent paramaters in the Dalvik-Cache and continue to invoke a slew of other methods necessary for setting the current location and the associated PSL.

Now if you notice on our Motorola phones… we have a grey dot.

Do me a favor… zoom in ALLLLL the way on the map view… see that blue circle that constantly changes? your “grey dot won’t be blue until that’s the same size as the grey dot itself. It’s interesting that the Program GPS-Test can tells us we have an accuracy up to 1 meter when EL says we never have an accuracy less than 8 meters.

I suspect this is why our phones are being defaulted to the InvalidateReciever Method rather than the Virtual Methods located in the file.

If mutual mobility can’t work with our chipsets, you guys should atleast include a buffer zone to give us an approximate location so we don’t get invalidated…. at least…that’s what we’re doing 🙂


4 thoughts on “Another Escort Live Update, still no GPS Fix for motorola phones

  1. FireRaider says:

    I am following these developments with much interest. I think there is a lot of potential to make this a great app. It needs someone like yourself that actually uses an Escort to make it work.

  2. FireRaider says:

    I still think stripping out the Live side of the app and letting the app control your detector alerts would be hugely popular. It seems like there is so much potential there that has been overlooked. I am surprised Escort hasn’t seen that.
    Look how Live has already been set up to leach off of Waze by trading alerts with their database and its huge number of users. Anyone serious about realtime information uses Waze.
    But I do recognize the main complaint here is the buggy product put out by Escort that fails to deliver what we paid for with our subscription. Even my Samsung has had issues with the latest version.

  3. pcabibi says:

    Well, that would actually be easier than what I’m doing with it now. Taking off the signed google maps oauth would be alot easier (and cheaper) for me. I’ve been able to alter the code, add buffers, and recompile it through V10, but I can’t sign it with a proper token to troubleshoot their map issues. They were unfortunately at least smart enough to use proguard… (but there are ways around everything) So, as a result, I’m taking the decompiled code and rebuilding it entirely through ADT. Including a proper compass in the manifest and replacing the crappy one their using.. using the google nav.. and reimplementing their hockey puck solution they pulled off of github.

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