Escort Resurection: Progress Update

Here is the latest status update for all who’ve been following.

Editing and recompiling through virtuous 10 Studios does not allow for us to include google libraries… what this has resulted in is the inability for the map to function (which would be a good joke because it’s just about as useful) and the inability of the android billing API to work. I can’t allow that because I’ve said that I won’t release the app as a pirated version.

As a result, What i’m having to do is reconstruct everything in Eclipse, so I can import the proper SDK’s. It’s a pain because I can’t just import every java file, I have to recreate all the packages by scratch, then edit them to fix everything… So.. it’s Taking longer than expected but it’ll get done.

Here’s a Screen Shot of the Progress:



5 thoughts on “Escort Resurection: Progress Update

  1. FireRaider says:

    Very nice to see things progressing!
    I am still hoping for a stripped down “enthusiast” version with features that make use of the module capabilities. đŸ™‚
    Thanks for taking this project on. It will be very interesting to see how Escort reacts to the improvements.

  2. Edward says:

    Yes, thank you for tackling this. Escort seems to be run by a few goons. Please post updates to your progress!

  3. biggiephat says:

    Any updates to this?

    • pcabibi says:

      Not yet. Chinese hackers keeping me busy at my job. will update soon, want to see what kind of firmware blocks they put on the new RD escort came out with

  4. biggiephat says:

    Any updates?

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