Need to roll back to 2.09 of Escort Live?

Did 2.10 break Live! on your phone? Is Escort’s forum being down frustrating you? Is tech support of no help?

Since Escort won’t host the .apk’s (blaming me) I feel it is my duty to help people out who were victimized over the weekend by having the poorly implemented 2.10 break EL entirely all together for them.

Apologize for it taking so long on Escort Resurrection, but as I said, the program is a mess, and it needs different versions for all types of phone and radar detector combinations possible. (Something Mutual Mobile should have done in the first place).


2 thoughts on “Need to roll back to 2.09 of Escort Live?

  1. Don says:

    I am not a LIVE user, but I really would like to see you solve this mess they made. I can’t justify a smart phone as I have been out of work for a while. But I can respect your attitude and pursuit. When I learned computers I was using Fortran and punch cards. Go for it Man!

  2. FireRaider says:

    Have you done any more on this great project? I sure would like to be able to run this on my N7 tablet effectively, but even more importantly it would be great to be able to run it without an internet connection simply for the interface with the detector.
    I am sure you followed the progress that’s been made with the Valentine interface. It would be fantastic to have a similar app for the Escort.

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