New Mugshot Retaliation Tactics

Philip Cabibi attacked by Kyle Prall - owner of busted mugshots

Kyle Prall

Approximately 2 months ago – I noticed a new tactic by the Mugshot Industry. You see, after Wired, Gawker, the NY Times, Amex, Paypal, Visa, Master Card pressure Google to update their algorithm in order to lower the search rankings of these extortionist sites – apparently, the algorithm was not applied to the Image searches.

I contacted Google regarding this issue and the algorithm was VERY quickly applied to the image results – putting yet another nail in the coffin of these sites.

We already know that the creators of these sites – Rob Wiggens, Kyle Prall etc, also have criminal records themselves, and conveniently, removed their mugshots from the Cabal of the site operators running them, as evidenced by Kyle Prall pictured above – you will not fin him on busted

After i posted an update on a social networking site – pertaining to Google’s update – apparently Mr. Prall has posted an old version of my mugshot on gawker by editing an old comment, bypassing the algorithm applied to his sites.  Since Gawker is a popular site, the image ranking quickly rose.

You see, the county sheriff where I was originally arrested, Has taken steps of their own.
1. They began watermarking the mugshot images after the original Wired artical published in 2011.
2. In 2013, Pinellas County Florida removed the all mugshot pictures all together from their online site, following the steps of my previous location in Salt Lake city.

So, what we can infer from my mugshot resurfacing WITHOUT the watermark, means that Kyle Prall has saved the mugshots of his enemies and is attempting to take everybody down with him.

Of course, there is no way to prove that it was actually him; as I’m sure he used anonymizing software in order to post and edit on gawker, so all evidence is circumstantial. Not enough for criminal charges; however, I’m sure another civil case costing him money will be on the books.

However, The important thing here is that no more people will be victimized by these sites. No more children will be exploited by these sites either. if that means that my mugshot stays online as the price for fighting against them – so be it.

You don’t Stand up for yourself or for others without expecting to get punched.